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Solidarity action programs

We develop social, educational and environmental programs to transform the collective environment. We believe in what community we will be able to design the world that we all deserve, in harmony with all living beings with whom we share this earth. 

Our methodology

Through the theory of the life course and from sociology, we analyze the trajectory of the needs of the target population, identifying the main causes that place them in a situation of vulnerability and in the accumulation of inequalities, in order to generate effective social actions that eradicate these inequalities and promote community cohesion.

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Social programs

We work to reduce social inequalities in the community and meet nutritional and health needs.


Environmental programs

We collaborate with independent rescuers to ensure the protection of animal life.


Educational programs

We give workshops and conference cycles to sensitize and train new generations

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Community work

We carry out volunteer and social service activities to dignify the lives of the community.

Our lines of solidarity action

Through our Dame 5 for the community movement we develop social, educational and ecological programs aligned to the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 agenda to foster and promote social justice, humanized and inclusive collective action through the following axes that mainstream each of our programs.

Reduction of inequalities

The accumulation of inequalities leads to various forms of social exclusion. Equal access to rights and opportunities is essential from early childhood through old age.

Quality education

Learning is a human need throughout the life span. Inclusive, equitable and quality education substantially increases the possibilities for community development.

Gender equality

All forms of discrimination based on gender issues violate the rights and development of the victims. Preventing and eliminating acts of violence is essential for the construction of citizenship in Mexico.

Decent work and economic growth

Employment is not only a necessity but also a factor for social and economic development. Decent work, entrepreneurship and inclusive production without exploitation is a fundamental right for economic growth.

Terrestrial ecosystem life

The life of each of the species that inhabit this earth has great value, so they deserve to be protected and dignified to achieve harmony with the environment in which we live.

Partnerships to achieve the objectives

Community and interorganizational work is essential to achieve a more just, supportive and empathetic society than an effort for social and environmental balance.

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