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About us

We are a non-profit civil society organization created in Mexico in 2018 by a group of young professionals, motivated to improve their social and ecological environment, as well as to dignify the lives of all the people and animals that are part of the community. .

​ Through our Dame 5 for the community movement we develop social, educational and ecological programs aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals to foster and promote social justice, humanized and inclusive collective action.


Transform the social, ecological and educational environment of Mexico through inclusive actions that promote respect, protection and dignity of all living beings that are part of the community.

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Promote the sustainable development of Mexico through community cooperation to jointly address social, educational and environmental problems that harm the collective and individual environment.

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We are a caring community

We are an inclusive community 

We are a community 


We are a respectful community

We are a committed community

Our history

Fundación Acción Solidaria, AC (FAS) was born in 2018 as an initiative of a group of young professionals from the eastern part of the State of Mexico, with the intention of transforming their social, educational and environmental surroundings. FAS results from the awareness of its founders about the environment in which they grew up and in which they continue to observe great inequalities and social injustices that harm the life and development of living beings with whom they share space. It is an effort to contribute with their talent and experience to reduce inequalities, which, like them and they in their youth, thousands of Mexican men and women live daily.


From 2018 to date, Fundación Acción Solidaria, AC has directly benefited  to more than 2,500 people in vulnerable situations in the eastern zone of the State of Mexico, given educational workshops in 53 youth training institutions and collaborated with 20 animal protectors located in CDMX, the State of Mexico and Morelos  that house more than 1,500 dogs and cats rescued from the streets.   


As an authorized grantee, we create alliances with public, private, social and educational organizations to develop the programs that we have designed to transform the environment and improve the quality of life of both people and all living beings that share this earth.

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